Bringing a Taste of Sicily to Midland, TX

A Brief History

In 1956, the Nuccio family opened one the first pizzerias in Dallas which won best pizza in Dallas over 25 times. A tornado in October of 2019 destroyed that pizzeria and shopping center and won’t be reopened until 2021. He is now working alongside the founder of Ledgens Pizza, to continue the tradition of creating some of the tastiest pizzas that Texans have come to love.


What Makes Our Pizza Extraordinary

The authentic and secret recipe for our pizza is more than 100 years old. It was created in the city of Palermo, Sicily by the Nuccios and has been handed down for many generations. For the past 60 years, it has won as the best pizza in Dallas 30, owing to our use of high-quality ingredients. Some of its most notable characteristics are the sweet and savory sauce combined with the thin and crispy crust.

Why Choose Us

There may be many options to try for your Italian cuisine cravings, but there is none like Ledgens Pizza. We are masters in pizza making, and we have perfected our techniques and our recipes for decades now. Try our dishes today to taste the difference!

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